The Blue, Blue Ridge

by Lil GP (a.k.a. Conner)

No, not Sonic the Hedgehog's Blue Ridge ;)


Did you know that there is a place in Blue Ridge ,called Dahlonega, that you can pan for gold? Pretty cool, right?!

Speaking of which, the first gold rush in Georgia was in 1828.

Its actually "butter" not gold! (either that or gold wrapped chocolate)

I also forgot to mention, there is still a lot of mining still going on in Blue Ridge.


You also should never forget to know that the highest point in Georgia is in Blue Ridge, specifically called Brass town Bald. You already forgot, didn't you? Well, in case you did, here is the location! ;)

The Blue Ridge region of Georgia has two well known economic activities, those are mining and tourism. What type of mining you may ask? Gold!

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The train ride that lasts at least 4 hours

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Neat perspective. Good sense of humor. Could include more information of tourism, climate. Good job overall.

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