What do you know about Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia:  is a severe difficulty on making arithmetical calculation, as a result of a brain disorder. This disorder is widely discussed as being similar to Dyslexia. Both condition can effect the ability to understand math related words. Six to seven percent of elementary school student can suffer from Dyscalculia and more than fifty percent of these students suffer other learning abilities. Although the cause of concern in areas such as math and reading, these children can exceed in other areas of development.

                                 Some children suffer severe math difficulties.

Some Factors that can cause Dyscalculia

1.) Genes and Heredity  (Genetics)

2.) Brain Development

3.) Environment

4.) Brain Injury

Neuroplasticity: rewire a child's brain to make math easier, this has been shown to help children with Dyslexia.

Areas of Development and Skills that are affect by Dyscalculia

* Social Skills

* Sense of Direction

* Physical Coordination

* Money Management

* Timing Managament

       Dyscalculia is as common in boys as in girls and can be diagnosed at in early age. Make sure that you observe and support your child's education so that you can be aware of any concerns or delays.

Signs and Symptoms

* Has difficulty understanding and doing word problems

* Has difficulty sequencing information or events

* Shows difficulty understanding fractions

* Has difficulties putting language into math processes

* Has difficulties understanding concepts related to time such as, days, weeks, months, seasons, and quarters.

* Exhibits difficulty using steps involved in math operations.



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