why is music so powerful?

advantage, effect, and why its powerful.

music is so powerful because its something magical like being in a trance, it takes us to different dimensions, it makes us float in air and fall in love and it speaks directly to the heart and makes us feel connected. It makes us happy almost like being in an crazy. It makes us to forget about the problems. I think music impacts on our emotions because of the relationships between the mind and melody this changes the brain there in fact changing our bodies... emotions come from chemicals being set off in our brain so the certain chemicals set of in our brain when we hear a note is the same chemicals set of when we feel certain emotions. it is a memory simulator. It also makes you think what you can't quite say. And in many ways it helps and is touching when you know someone else out there knows exactly how you feel or felt. Rhythm is also, it is a lot easier to get into your head then anything else. This is why people usually try to remember difficult things in a song or within some type of rhythm on such a deep psychological level that makes you feel this powerful feeling, or something like that and you can explain by music many things such as,


politics, and

hate or like,,,,,,more advantage is to develop your language, social advantage, academic advantage, and problem solving. I think that's why is powerful for us but in Muslim religion music is ha-ram meaning, the Muslim religion against music because of the rules. By my self I hear the music by breaking the rule, when I get bored in something. Then the music make me happy, specially Indian music but now, I got more than music that make me happy when I got bored or sad, praying two raka'a  salat and reading Qur'an, wow! wow! wow! suddenly I fill like a fish live in water.    

There are many effects of Music that can be negative sometimes,

emotionally ,


mentally, and

spiritually for spiritual it might be a relaxing song.

One is the growing up of young people. Kids, ages 2-10 are learning things from songs that they don't have the mentality to learn, like sex, drugs, and other issues that they should be exposed to differently. Songs expose these problems to young kids by either telling them to do the horrid thing, or telling all the details of the issue. They basically take away a child's childhood and the parent's chance to explain things the way they choose to. Another effect is society. After listening to these songs, teenagers can be very influential, and they'll try and do whatever the song is about, or at least talk about it, which is bad enough, and that affects a whole new generation of people. It affects the way the world and is see our pop culture. They think of it as a disgraceful and horrible career to get into, because of the things that people buy, number one being: SEX. Young Girls always showing off parts of their bodies that should have clothing over them, and what you see on stage and what's on the music videos, dancing dirty, and other things, which have young girls, trying to dance that way.

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