Constantinople Real Estate

Constantinople the best place ever!

You might want to know about some of the daily life in Constantinople. The emperor will give bread to those who could not find work in exchange the unemployed performed such tasks as sweeping the streets and weeding public gardens. People will also attend church regularly ( Every Day ). The center of daily life was in the Hippodrome, the Hippodrome was were chariot races were held. That is what daily life looked like in Constantinople.  This the the Hippodrome.

Now you probably want to know about the government. During the reign of Justinian I (An Emperor) when some of the players in the Hippodrome were arrested the people rioted and 30,000 people died also the city was in flames. Justinian created a code that was a Systemic body of law that revised outdated and confusing laws. (Justinian's Code)

This is Justinian I.

Now I am going to tell you about the religion of Constantinople. The church was located in the east so the church was known as the Eastern Orthodox Church. Christianity was the foundation of the Byzantine Empire. The people of Constantinople would go to church daily. Religion and government were very closely linked. Religion linked people in a common belief.

this is the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Now it is time to talk about the geography. Constantine put Constantinople where it was for many different reasons. One reason was because it had a lot of trade routs and it was easy to defend. these are only two reasons that Constantine put Constantinople were it is now. Constantinople was concord and later named Istanbul.

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