Ron Clarke Rules of Education

By: Ashley Rivera, Jenna Greaves, Brady Harrison, Michael

Family Rules
*remember, you are the biggest influence on your kids*
Rule 1: Always have a positive attitude towards school and learning
Rule 2: Encourage your kids to meet their goals and work hard in school
Rule 3: Collaborate with the teacher to help your kids
Rule 4: help them on their homework
Rule 5: Never discourage your child or be negative towards their learning

Teacher Rules
you will either make or break a kids education
Rule 1: Always be positive and encouraging
Rule 2: Never yell or hit a child
Rule 3: Your students are like your own children, treat them like their your own
Rule 4: Never give up on a student
Rule 5: Always be willing to help a kid in need

Community Rules:
Rule 1: Don't encourage bad behavior and fighting
Rule 2: Encourage kids to go to school
Rule 3: Remind kids how important education is
Rule 4: Always be nice and ready to help the kids with school work.

Ron Clarke's Accomplishments
-Ron Clark has written three books about how to be successful in school. The books are not just for teachers, but families and kids too.
-Ron Clark started a school for underprivileged kids to help them succeed in school.

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