Conflict in Niger

First, a few things you should know:

Niger and Nigeria are both fighting Boko Haram

This ongoing conflict has taken many lives

Boko Haram has tried to establish a caliphate

Boko Haram:

Islamic extremist group. First it had connections to Al Queda, but now it has joined with ISIS. The group's main goal is to get rid of western education. They are the people who took those 200 school girls you may have heard about on the news.

At first it was just Nigeria's problem, but as the group expanded and started attacking boundaries, it became an international problem and Niger got involved.

Map of the impacted area

Niger has been heavily impacted by this conflict. Niger suffered a wave of attacks and suicide bombs from the insurgents, which caused the government to declare a state of emergency. There has recently been a fight over the lake of Chad, which required Niger's military to take a stand. The military casualties were immense, but the terrorist group is collapsing slowly.

The group used to control an area as large as Belgium. The group has its headquarters in Sambisa Forest. Recently, the Niger army helped in liberating over 300 women and girls. Those women were taken from a different village than the 200 school girls who were taken earlier this year. Those girls still have not been found.

Girls taken by Boko Haram

Boko Haram attempted to trade these 130 girls for political prisoners. The group goes through villages taking women and children and over 1.5 million people have been misplaced by the violence.

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