The crazy farm in Ireland

The farm was the most beautiful time spent in Ireland, because I love animals. Can touch baby lambs , take them in our arms, was very good and a beautiful experience. Then milk the cow was rather something funny for me. The moment where we danced together the Irish dance and played music with Irish instruments was a great time shared with every comrades. Then we did bread with Handy and our partner, it was good enough, I have preffered the taste of our bread, but thought this experience we can do it ourselves. The walk behind tractor with teachers and all students was memorable, despite the cold and rain. Handy singing a song and every word he was saying, we had repeat all, which put a good atmosphere. Finally after the ride we found in a place where we saw peatlands, I did not really like this time. But Sanson and Jérémie have made ur laugh to walk in bare feet.
It was a great trip !

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