Vaction around the world in 9 days!

By: Emily Bullock

Spokane River, Washington, United States (fresh water)

You will be staying at the River Dance Lodge in the Row Adventure Center. One large cabin is $718. There is a many different activities to choose from. There is rafting, fly fishing, kayaking, biking, stand up paddle board, and also walking tours. There is also food and wine tours. The cost depends on what activity you chose and what trip to where. Any of these activities that you chose, involve nature and can show you the beautiful scenery of North Eastern Washington! In his next book, he could talk about how the river helps generate hydroelectric power

Salt Water River, Tasmania, Austrialia  

Next stop is Tasmania, Australia! You will be staying in Parsons Bay Retreat which is only 2o minutes away from the river and only $67 a night! On this trip, you can do many things like you did on the previous trip in Washington. But on this trip, there is fishing, surfing, diving, horse back riding, sailing and more! Again, prices depend on what you end up doing. This is a great trip to discover new things, especially underwater, and experience the beautiful nature of Australia! In his next book, he could talk about the wildlife; there is some bizarre wildlife in Australia!

White Sands, New Mexico

The third and final destination is New Mexico! You will be staying in Hilton Garden Inn Las Cruces, which is $105 a night. The hotel is roughly 35 minutes away from the White Sands. Actives you can do at White Sands National Park is, Sunset strolls, Lake Lucero tour ($8), full moon bike ride ($8) , full moon hike ($8), and more! In his next book, he can talk about why the sand is like and how it is different from other deserts.