Tools of the Trade
By: Jaden Enlow


Edmodo is a learning Facebook like program, most likely used in schools for assignments, quizzes, and other classwork.

Edmodo helps connect all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential.


Remind is great for people who needs reminding (hence the name). Remind can be used to remind a student about an assignment and when it's due. is a student website program that allows students to make info graphs. The benefit of this is that info graphs tend to be more comprehendable to others. In other words, it is so much easier to learn from info graphs.


Tackk is a website which makes it so much easier to make a webpage. This is good for people who are oblivious to coding. If you are reading this, then you should see that this website makes web paging so much easier!!!

Design Cycle

The design cycle is used to solve problems. The good thing about the design cycle is that it makes it easier to solve problems and gives you way more possibilities to solve the problem.

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