Aquarium Store Owner

Reports To:

As a store owner you would report to your self.

Job Purpose:

There are many purposes for fish stores (aka aquarium shop) there is pleasure and enjoyment in owning fish and selling fish to people to get them hooked on having tanks.


As a aquarium store owner you would be responsible for the health of the aquatic life, managing the store, hiring employees, ordering products and acquiring live fish. Handel transactions and credit cards.


Characteristics-Honesty, Hard Working, Learn New Things, and New Tasks. Education- A certificate in retail management will often be a huge asset to a candidate at this level. A BTEC Level 3 or Foundation degree in retail management is a popular option. Ability's- Knowledge and passion for fish keeping, being able to clean and maintain a healthy aquarium, handling transaction, people management and financial accounting. Technology skills- managing financial accounting, making advertising, and being able to order things online.

Contact Info:, bartlingben@facebook, my number is 605-678-6576

Here's a Video:


Comment Stream

2 years ago

I could see you doing this sence you like fish!😉

2 years ago

I could also see you being an Aquarium Store Owner too.

2 years ago

I could really see you becoming an Aquarium Store Owner, I think you would do great working with fish.