Chapter 18: Land-Based Empires in the Middle East, Asia, and Russia

Discussion Questions

Decline of the Ottomans:

  1. What internal problems did the Ottoman Empire face?
  2. Describe 3 factors that lead to the decline in military power of the Ottoman Empire.
  3. What changes did Muhammad Ali bring to the Ottoman Empire?
  4. What factors ultimately led to the failure of Muhammad Ali?

The Crimean War:

  1. In what ways did the Crimean War show the shift that would be occurring in military tactics?
  2. In what ways can the Tanzimat be seen as a significant attempt of change for the Ottoman Empire?
  3. How do the “Young Turks” fit in with the Tanzimat?
  4. What are examples of nationalistic policies and practices that were promoted by the Young Turks?

China’s Last Dynasty:

  1. In what ways did China’s examination system find itself under assault? Why was this?
  2. Compare and contrast the Canton system to existing Japanese policies on foreign trade.
  3. Compare and contrast the experience of the Qing in the Opium Wars to that of the Russians and Ottoman Empire in the Crimean War.
  4. How can the Treaty of Nanking be seen as a fulfillment of the recommendations of the McCartney Mission?
  5. Compare and contrast the Self-Strengthening Movement to the Tanzimat.