Chapter 19: Imperialism

CH. 19 Discussion Questions:

  1. Briefly describe the 4 types of Imperialism.
  2. What are the main differences between tropical dependencies and settlement colonies?

Industrialization and Imperialism:

  1. Provide 2 examples of how Industrialization helped promote imperialism.

British Empire in India:

  1. How did the British initially exert their control over India? What went wrong? How did the British change their method of ruling?
  2. In what ways did British attempts to develop “Englishmen” in India backfire on their ability to rule over Indians?
  3. Who was Rom Mohun Roy?

Southeast Asia

  1. What resources did Europeans want in SE Asia?
  2. Who took what parts?


  1. In what ways did the British and French exert their control over Egypt and Algeria?
  2. How were the Boers able to take control over South Africa?
  3. Who was Cecil Rhodes? What was his goals in Africa?
  4. Who was David Livingstone? How was the work of Henry Stanley and David Livingstone important to imperialism?
  5. What was accomplished at the Berlin Conference?

South Pacific

  1. In what ways did Hawaii’s demographics (population) change after the arrival of Westerners?