the HEADstrong Foundation

organized; November 2005

Foundation is dedicated to its founder Nicholas Colleluori a former lacrosse player at Hofstra University

The organization headquaters is located in Holmes, PA.The organization was designed to help people with blood cancers.Nick was determined to start a foundation that would support the blood cancer community.  He created the name HEADstrong through his childhood nickname “HEAD” and the word “strong” defining his mental and physical toughness.  While waiting to go into the operating room for a procedure he asked for paper and a pencil, which is where he drew the logo for the foundation, a lacrosse stick on its side with a cancer ribbon around the HEAD.  Nick wanted to use the lacrosse community as his avenue to tell his story because he knew that his brotherhood would never let him down.  The color palette that Nick chose was “lime green” representing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and “royal blue and gold” which represents his alma mater, Hofstra University; his lifeline during his illness.

The foundation puts on lacrosse tournements annuallly and all the money raised goes towards research and a cure for the illness

Founder and dedication of The headstrong Foundation.

Lacrosse head strung for one of the recent tournaments.

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