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     Welcome to my fabulous website.  In thi9s website we will be talking about all my favorite things in life.  Soccer is one of them.  Also we will talk about all my favorite foods I have.  Many Other things also.  Come and join me in my website.

     First of all lets talk about me.  As you know my favorite sport is soccer and I love it.  My two favorite soccer teams are AC Milan and Real Madrid.  My favorite food is pizza.  In soccer I play as defense.  My favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo because he is one of the best players in the world.

     I have a very big family.  First of all we have my dad and my mom.  They are the best parents in the world.  After that I have my brother that is studying in the US.  We all came to the same school SCCS.  Lastly my brother Santiago who is currently in 12th Grade.  He will be graduating soon.  Lastly I am the last member.  We are a very lovely family.

     I have many hobbies.  Of course one of my hobbies is to play soccer because it is the best sport in the world.  I also like to play with my phone sometimes when I rest.  Also before I did swimming but I left it.  

     The first topic I will talk about is soccer.  As you already know soccer is my favorite sport ever.  My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo and of course my favorite player of all time is Pele.  My favorite soccer team is AC Milan.  Stephen IL Sharraway is my favorite player of AC Milan and he is awesome.  Milan won the Italian League 2 seasons before and I want them to win it again.

     My second topic will be my friends.  I have many friends.  I go to my friends house every friday and saturday.  Sometimes I go to my cousins house.  Some of my hbest friends are NF, AP, IP, AC, EG, and more.

     My favorite Movie is Lucy.  It has to do with a girl that gets something injected into her.

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