Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake: Proven Coaching Abilities in Numerous Sports

Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake is a highly dedicated and highly motivated high school educator and coach for various sports. He is most notably recognized for his accomplishments as a football coach and power lifting coach, sports he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in. He thoroughly enjoys being able to lead high school students to successful football and power lifting seasons, as well as teaching them the importance of regular physical activity as a Health and Physical Educator for the schools and teams he coaches. He has worked for a number schools in both Washington and Texas, and is certified to teach in both states.

Chad Barrett received his Bachelor of Science degree in 2002 from Linfield College located in McMinnville, Oregon and earned his Washington teaching certificates in health and physical education during his education. He was a top finalist for Student Teacher of the Year in 2002, as well as the recipient of the Academic Scholar and National Collegiate Education Award. During his education, he was the two year starting defensive end and the football team captain. His experience playing football would later pave the way for his prestigious coaching career in the sport. In 2008, he received his Master’s degree in technology and curriculum with a professional certificate from City University located in Bellevue, Washington. He is dedicated to providing his students with the best opportunities he can offer through education and sporting endeavors.

Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake has proven himself to be an excellent high school educator, leader, and coach. He has the unique ability to reach his students on a fundamental level and motivate them put forth their maximum effort no matter the endeavor ahead of them. From 2009 to 2012, Chad Barrett of Bonney Lake was the Health and Physical Educator and the Head Football Coach for Bonney Lake High School located in Bonney Lake, Washington. Through out his three years with the program, he helped the football team achieve an overall record of 19 wins and ten losses. Not only did this amount to the most wins in school history, but he also led the team to two playoff appearances in his three year career with the program. His team was consistently rated as the top offense of the district in passing and scoring in the state of Washington.

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