Chaddock Fiduciary Services

California Estate-Management Solutions

About Chaddock Fiduciary Services

Established two decades ago, Chaddock Fiduciary Services, LLC (CFS), offers clients throughout California a host of professional services. With offices in Santa Clara, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz Counties, the company typically undertakes contracts with families and by court appointment. Chaddock Fiduciary Services performs trustee, guardian, and diverse administrative functions in managing estates through trusts and wills. The company also invests assets within trust funds and estates and files income tax returns as required.

CFS is led by William Chaddock, who earned his MBA at National University in San Diego and has approximately 14 years of experience in managerial positions with financial institutions. He has served as a commissioned notary public and has held licenses in real estate sales and with the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. With his current firm, Mr. Chaddock does not sell any financial products and earns fees solely from fiduciary activities and consulting. This integrity-driven approach avoids any conflict of interest in overseeing the approximately $20 million, CFS has under management.

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