Addressing The 21st Century Challenges

For nearly 15 years we've been working with the leaders of business to help them unscramble their complexity. Helping them to develop clear and compelling strategies to achieve success in the future.

The Top 10 Challenges

Building A Resilient Mentality & Enterprise - Ensuring Real Meaning - Engendering Ownership - Truly Communicating - Authentic Leadership - Having A Clear Purpose And Action Plan - Empowering Creativity - Ensuring Engagement - Being Different - Establishing Mindfulness

We Have A Global View

As we travel around the world the list above are amongst the common challenges for today’s enterprise. They will not be described that way though. As statements they are so common they are often ignored as the actual challenge.

They are ignored in favour of more fashionable solutions: the ubiquitous change programs, expensive software solutions and complex transformation - everyday ideas wrapped in everyday words - the result? Massive and unmet challenges.

The language we all use is lazy - but it's the everyday tool for humans working together, it's the technique for the thinking and communicating that gets done.

And that is often at the heart of the problem.

Getting People To Change The Way They Think

The Tyranny Of Words

They are used to define tasks and convey ideas between people but they lack meaning to other people far too much of the time. The 21st Century demands new techniques if it is to successfully tackle the complexity we live within today. Research shows that this lack of shared meaning is at the root of much confusion in the enterprise – misunderstanding, misinterpretation.

In almost every case we see the simple fact - $ Millions wasted for the want of quality time spent ensuring that everyone actually understands the meaning and purpose of the roles, tasks and outcomes expected.

Changing The Way We Work

We must put an end to the widespread lack of meaning - all of it adding up to massive risk, frustration and cost.

The world is beset with systems and practices designed for another era. Consumers have come to expect levels of service and experience that many organisations have not been set up to deliver. Technology and smart devices have changed whole industries and brought down governments. Strategy simply isn’t fixing this the way it that it needs to.

A REAL & Coherent Plan

By being visual and creating 'real' plans and programs that are created by the people that need to implement them is a simple idea but so rarely performed it is shocking.

By thinking in context and having the right conversations - ones that attach true definition and rationale to why we all choose to do the things in the first place (and that make sense) - there is a massive uplift in the ownership and passion for the tasks overall.

Creating The #Resilient Business

The Five Dimensions Of Resilience

Dynamic Connectivity

Really knowing what is going on in the world and what that means to your Business. Spotting the clues, the patterns and the trends and understanding their implications. Remaining always curious and celebrating new discovery

Organisational Energy

Passion and Purpose across the enterprise - complete belief in the vision and strategy of the business and commitment to achieving it and delivering value that isn't solely focused on the bottom line. Enabled through inclusive and mindful leadership and Principles led management.

Meaningful Information

Information that supports the development of insight and helps the right people to make the right decisions. In context and accessible when and wherever needed. Always current, always relevant and freely shared

Business As A System

Just because the organisation has to have a structure doesn't mean that structure has to control everything that happens. Dynamic and resilient businesses see themselves more as an interconnected system operating within bigger networks in harmony and for mutual benefit with other connected systems

Active Operation

All of the above means that there is no room for cumbersome or irrelevant processes. Instead working practices are designed against shared principles and mechanisms designed to enable and to allow collaborative and creativity to flourish

The 4D Approach

Using Structured Visual Thinking and the Core frameworks of 4D we can take any of the challenges and co-create the right outcomes quickly. But more importantly in ways the the clients themselves understand what they need to do.