Champion Industries LLC

Maryland Lighting Supplies and Maintenance

About Champion Industries LLC

Maintenance company Champion Industries LLC specializes in lighting supplies and services. Emphasizing excellence in customer service, Champion Industries LLC backs up its products with an industry-leading warranty.

This service guarantee covers a full 120 months, during which time any product that breaks, burns out, or malfunctions will be replaced free of charge, including free shipping – and all on the same day that the problem is called in. Additionally, all replacement products are guaranteed to work at the time that they arrive.

From maintaining existing light bulbs and other lighting products to shipping new supplies or implementing the latest product upgrades, Champion Industries puts customers' needs first. The Champion team – a small, dedicated staff that has been with the company since its beginning – is committed to staying current with changes in the lighting industry. The company is based in Laurel, Maryland, and was founded in 2003. For more information, please visit

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