The Voyage Across The Atlantic

Samuel De Champlain's Adventure

Greetings good King Henry IV,

As you probably know, England and Spain our sailing west to claim the New World. If we do not act fast, they will get all of the land before our mighty country of France! We must dispatch ships now before all of the land is gone. I will lead a glorious expedition to the new land, and we, France, will become the strongest country in the world and we will crush all of our enemies like bugs! When we arrive we will hack down the lumber, take furs from the animals, claim the land! We will have more money than we can even imagine!  I also have the perfect idea for the boats we will need.  We will need two medium sized cargo ships and two medium sized warships.  Why don't we just take one large ship you might ask? If the enemy were to attack and they destroyed one of our ships the mission could still go on. If we only had one large boat, it could not. I will sail the cargo ships on the inside and the attack boats on the outside for defense. I will need two crews for the warships, and 175 men that will be on the other ships. When we get to the new land we will look for anything valuable, and also furs. Furs will worth so much back in Europe. The other countries are looking for timber and other natural recourses. I plan to leave next year in 1603. I love my home country, his is why I want to venture to the new world. What do say, king? Can we set sail for the new world?


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