Chandi Heffner

Chandi Heffner Sponsors Cultural Preservation Projects In India

About Chandi Heffner

As founder and president of the Chandi D. Heffner International Foundation (CDHIF) and its counterpart foundation in India (CDHIFI), Chandi Heffner has directed numerous projects to ease suffering and improve the condition of hundreds of thousands of people in India. In addition to providing medical care, food, and veterinary care, Ms. Heffner also devotes some of her resources to cultural preservation efforts in India.

As someone who appreciates the rich and diverse cultures found in India, Ms. Heffner has implemented several projects to help preserve traditional arts. For instance, the foundation sponsors performing arts competitions that award cash prizes to each person who performs and provide food to all who attend.

Ms. Heffner also strives to encourage the continued production of handicrafts, and ensures that there is a market for them by purchasing these products from their makers. Some of the traditional handmade Indian products that are in danger of disappearing are pottery, silk and cotton embroidery, utensils and hardware made from raw iron, wood carvings, book bindings, and horse-drawn carts.