Naturalism - Changing the perception of healthy food

The shift to natural food isn’t sudden, it has been happening for some time now, but in recent times, the focus on natural food has intensified several folds. Naturalism, or whatever name fast food companies have concocted for this way of making fast food, is based on locally produced foods. Food items that are grown in local farms have never been so important to Healthy fast food restaurants as they have become recently, and if you are wondering what makes it the ‘hero’ ingredient in all fast food, here’s why.

  • Local Fruits & Vegetables Don’t Need To Be Harvested

Yes, vegetables that are produced elsewhere from the point of consumption must be harvested and packaged before they attain full maturity. When this is done, agricultural produce cannot attain their full flavour profile. On the other hand locally produced goods can be picked just when they are perfect for consumption, in most cases; it takes less than 24 hours to deliver vegetables from field to kitchens which help in retaining flavour, which in turn makes fast food healthy and tasty.

  • It’s Good For The Local Economy

The local economy depends entirely on business from local entities. When local farmers get the support for their produces they thrive better and the risk of being decimated by large farms is eliminated. It’s a win-win for both fast food restaurants and producers. Also, by purchasing locally grown foods you help maintain farmland and green and/or open space in your community.

  • No decrease in Nutrient Value

Vegetables sitting for ages in storage areas take nutrients out of it. Artificial methods of cooling are good, but not as good as local produces are. Cold storage is helpful in retaining nutrition in fruits and vegetables but with each passing day, the content of some vitamins can decrease significantly. One study shows that the nutritional value of kale, cold stored at 1 degree C for 6 weeks, had six times lower vitamin C!

Enhancing the Perception of Eating Healthy

Many times before this, fast food restaurants have tried their hands at feeding their patrons healthy foods. In fact, even right now if you look at the 10 fast food restaurants in your area there will be enough evidence to show that people are really getting behind the idea of eating local, green and fresh. If you intend to eat healthy you will do good to choose a fast food joint that is as serious as you are about eating nothing but the best.

10 fast food restaurants in your area must have made certain changes in their menus. Everyone in the food industry around the world is moving towards greener, healthier foods, check them out.