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We specialize in Computer, Human, and Systems Symbiosis
... making all of the parts work together simply and smoothly for the benefit of all the parts!

"The Times, They are a-Changing"

It wasn't that long ago that corporate responses like this were acceptable!
(Or at least tolerated.)

But so much has changed since then.

What is considered acceptable is a moving target, changing with the times and an ever shrinking world.

When was the last time your company's materials - written and other, were evaluated for cultural bias in light of current tolerances and acceptability! When was the last time you actually read your company's policies or guidelines? What about that form you fill out so many times you stopped needing to read it... what does it actually say?

It may be time for a company tune-up!
Get back in sync with the image you wish to present!

Call Us - We'd be happy to provide this service for you.