Chant Vartania

Chant Vartanian Helps Business Owners Acquire Technology

About Chant Vartanian

An entrepreneur and proven leader in the technology sector, Chant Vartanian founded M-Theory in 2008 and serves as chairman of Singularity Ventures, Inc., In his capacity as chairman, Chant Vartanian fosters growth by spearheading strategies, raising capital, and evaluating acquisitions.

At M-Theory, Chant Vartanian holds the position of CEO. His duties include managing technology solutions such as private cloud and Datacenter expansions for their clients, and devising strategies related to business growth. To help customers acquire the technology they need to run their businesses, Mr. Vartanian conceptualized and executed a program called Financial Solutions as a Service, or FSaaS. Through FSaaS, clients can finance products such as software, hardware, and consultation services in a modular fashion, similar to cloud computing. FSaaS allows any credit profile the ability to obtain, maintain and sustain their Technology CAPEX needs.

Chant Vartanian complements his work at Singularity Ventures and M-Theory through numerous technology-related investments. Keeping a close eye on various markets, he follows his favorite companies, which include Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, 3PAR, Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft.

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