Wonder Project by Chapman
Jack Character Analysis

character's tie to the theme

the charecter is tied to the message of Being opened to others  That you cant judge a boy by his face,because August's face is mest up but,you dont know what his inside is like and if he is nice or not.for enstince when Jack and Aggie were doing homework together,the teacher said ''you got the same questions wrong and the same questions right'' then Aggie stood up for both of them and said ''that it must have been a cawencadence.''That is the lesson I think Jack learned.

character influences

who i think jack had the biggest influence on is august because,he noticed that when people dont look at his face people actsually think he is cool.Aggie also made a big impact on Jack because,aggie didnt really have any freinds but then when jack started being freinds with him he started being more opened to others and being more social with others. i think they were ment to be freinds because aggie needed a person to have whenever he was hurt or emotionaly hurt to come to.i think jack was the only person who could be his freind because,just jack could be really nice sometimes and other times give advise to aggie about school.if it was another person they might have not spoken there mind like jack because, at the begining jack was like ''dude if you want to fit in at this school , you have got to talk more'' but if it was another person they mey have not said that cause they would have thought that would of hurt his feelings.

art representatoin

i chose night watch because the two men in the front are like jack and aggie.if you look closely there is some people looking at them and some people not.the people not looking at them are like freinds with julion and the people that are looking at them are freinds with aggie and jack.