By: Nathan, Chapman, and Kendall


To start, the characters in our story are John, Annie, and Abe Lincoln.  John is a Cherokee Indian, and  Annie is a runaway slave on the run, and finally Abraham Lincoln is a abolitionist trying to help end slavery.  They all met each other while they were on a big adventure.  Abraham Lincoln helped both Annie and John on their big adventure north. We also learned how there friendship helped them throughout their journey.

What we learned!

We learned that slavery is wrong and cruel. We already knew this but we got the inside look on how they got treated. We hope that slavery  will never come back and treat people like that ever again. We also learned that the more the people the better. If you are all alone you most likely won't accomplish your goal. We learned that you have to take risks sometimes, like when John and Abe saved Annie from the sinking ship or when John went to save his grandfather but he was to late.

Favorite character (John)

Our favorite character is John cause he took risks and he was very brave and courageous to save Annie's brother (Isaiah). For example he swam across an ocean with a deformed leg to save Annie from drowning. He was courageous because he embareslly ran through a forest to try to save his tribe town ,but he was too late.