Getting Started with your district iPad

Before you can begin using your district iPad, you will need to complete a couple of steps to first:

1. Go to settings (gear icon), Select Wi-Fi, you will want to connect to CHISDBYOD network.

2. You maybe prompted to enter your username and password (This is your Network login-what you log into the computer with), if not, open the "Safari" App (internet) and go to  This will allow you to login into the content filter.

Once you are connected to wifi and logged into the network, you will need to open the "Safari" app (internet) and go to

Creating a Free Apple ID

In order to complete the setup process for your iPad, you need to create your own Apple ID.  Click on the link above to create your apple ID.  You will be asked to enter a valid email and address.  You will need to select 3 security questions and a password. Once you have submitted the form, you will need to verify your apple ID by clicking on the link that is an email sent from Apple.  Once your Apple ID is created, you will use this to sign in to the App Store, iTunes, and iCloud.  Your Apple ID is your email address that you used to create it and your password is what you set it up with.  If you forget your Apple ID or password, you can go to to reset your password.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Claudio Zavala at ext. 4082 or Tracey Willyard at ext. 4085.