Chapter 1 Presentation Instructions
Mr. Klimkowski

You will use tackk to create a presentation that outlines chapter 1 in your astronomy book and the key finding of your Moon Tracking project. Use your text book and credible internet resources to conduct research and create an informational presentation that will be shared with all members of the class for review and critique among peers.

Project Instructions


Project Requirements

1. Create an accout at using your kenstonapps I.D.
2. Use the headline tool to title your presentation. Including your name.
Earth, Moon, and Sun
Mr. Klim
3. Use 500 px to insert a photo that represents the chapter.
4. Use the options setting to "tag" your tackk to the "Klimkowski" Tackboard and publish.

5. Use your book to continue building your tackk using all of the tool at least one time.

(1)Chapter Title and your name     (4)Section titles     (10)Key Concept Questions
(1) Button that links to a Google Doc of your moon data
At least 1 video          At least 3 photos/images
(1) Google map      (1) Sale item     (1 RSVP Event)
Optional (1 music choice)

Copy and save Moon Data observation sheet. Add a button to your presentation and include the link to your data sheet. Be sure to share as a "view only" document.

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