Predominant having ascendancy, power, authority, or influence over others. This is an important character trait for someone to have because it can allow them to take control of a chaotic situation and, bring back the peace of it. This is the character trait of someone who will most likely be some sort of bossily figure when their older (ex. Teacher, Owner of store etc.). When it comes to problems this type of person is one to delegate (ex. Organizing, Scheduling, Making decisions).

The negatives to this character trait are that if this person does not get control it can cause them to become angry and upset at people. When other people look at this type of person they may think of them as someone bossy or, too controlling. Someone to relate to this would be Simon Cowell. He runs the big music company Syco, so he has to be very predominant in who he signs in order to keep his company on top and, making lots of money

Examples of myself being predominant are when I watch my younger brother. I have to be predominant in what he can and can not do. Another example is when my sisters and I have chores to do. I usually decide who does what. Without predominant people we wouldn't have leaders who take over when others can't. Being predominant is not a bad thing but sometimes it can lead to problems.


Compassionate, feeling or showing sympathy and, concern for others. This is a important character trait for someone to have because this person will be the one to help someone when their upset and, try to make them feel better. This person will have an occupation in which they care for others (ex. guidance councilor, motivational speaker etc.). When it comes to others problems this person will sit down and understand the situation, then help anyway they can.

The negatives to this character trait are that of the person that their trying to help does not want their sympathy, they may not know how to help them. Other people may few may view this person as a suck up to others. A celebrity like this is Angelina Jolie. She supports 29 different charities. She is compassionate to these people who have nothing and try's to help them anyway she can.

  Examples of myself being compassionate are once when my friend Emma was upset I tried to help her but, she kept denying she was upset. You could clearly see it on her face. Another time my younger sister was sad so I sat down with her and I tried to help her anyway I could. I myself can sometimes be mean and hurt people and, then I can't help them because they don't want to be near me. Without compassionate people we wouldn't really be able to share how we feel and, we'd have to keep our feelings trapped inside. So at least with compassionate people we know we have someone at our side.


Determined, making a firm decision or, choice and, being resolved not to change it. This is a important character trait to have because this person will stay at it and, won't give up no matter how hard the challenge may be. This person will most likely grow up to be someone who won't give up on who they work with and, be determined to help them (ex. teacher, a trainer etc.). If a problem appears in anything there doing. They will be convicted to motor on through it. Even if may take a while.

The negatives of this is that if their too determined in what their doing. They may not stop and take a rest or they could be determined to do something that's wrong. Other people may look at this person as crazy for what their trying to accomplish. Someone who's like this is Lorde. She's determined to show people that it's not about money and, that different is good like in her song royal. Also that everyone has their own point of views.

Examples of myself being determined is that when I was in grade four a friend of mine

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