Characters of Cleveland

The wrap sheet on the most notable and outrageous characters of the Cleveland social scene.

Cleveland Fame. No, this isn't for Drew Carey or Halle Berry. It's for a select group of individuals who made a name for themselves on the swanky social scene in Cleveland, Ohio. The one's you have surely seen before if you've been out & about in C-town in the past 20 years. Without further ado:

Mall Guy

Claim to Fame: Outrageous clothing, LED belt, large stature, ambiguous backstory & of course hanging out at local malls, sporting events & night clubs regularly.

Greatest Accomplishment: Been in the newspaper, twice.

Super Pimp (aka Money Mike)

Claim to Fame: Clubbing in snazzy suits accompanied by loud ties/handkerchiefs & a mustache that's a cross between the pencil, the copstache & the super mario.

Greatest Accomplishment: Middle-aged, average looking male adored by club-going 20-something females... that's why they call him Super Pimp, folks.

Sax Man

The smooth sounds of Cleveland's Sax Man playing on Public Square

Claim to Fame: Playing "Take me out to the Ballgame" (amongst other classics) for fans walking into Jacobs Field.

Greatest Accomplishment: Pumping fans up with his classic sax tunes prior to Game 4 of the 1997 World Series – propelling the Indians to tie the series (had nothing to do with Jaret Wright or Manny Ramirez).

The Bone Lady

Claim to Fame: Orange hair, taping dog bones to her shirt, wearing sox on her arms & rooting for the Cleveland Browns.

Greatest Accomplishment: Helping to save the Cleveland Browns

Tribe Drummer – John Adams

Claim to Fame: Playing his bass drum in the bleacher seats during nearly every Indians home game since 1973.

Greatest Accomplishment: Tie: Great Lakes Brewing Co Rally Drum Red Ale; Bobble head giveaway.

Honorable Mention / Suburb Shoutout:
Brunswick 80s Guy

Claim to Fame: Walking the streets of Brunswick dressed like the lead singer of an 80s hair band.

Greatest Accomplishment: Fitting into those pants.