Charles Anonye

Day One:

In the beginning of the day all of us played some icebreaker games. Then we toured the building. We also played played sprout tag. After all those activities  we programed finches and had a little race. My group came in fourth. Then it was time to go.

Day Two

Today we worked on three things, sticky circuits, snap circuits, and Aurdino "things".

In my sticky circuit group we used play dough to create a Christmas scene. We used an led light to top our tree that we made.

My group and I also made a fan move and lights light up for our snap circuits group.

Then we all made lights blink during the Aurdino project.

Day Three

Today we worked in stations. There were 4 stations in all. Station one: My group and I soldered and made leds light up. Station two:  We used makey makey and made music. In the last two stations we used Arduino and 123d. In the second to last station we used Arduino to power a propeller and then used 123d to make a led light up. We also did other various things.  

Day 4

Today my group and I made an automatic  bubble machine. My group consisted of Jawaun and Dominic. I assembled  the fan and servos while my group soldered and coded. Our machine sort of worked but near the end it fell apart. The servos where not properly taped down and our fan did not blow bubbles because it was misshaped. But, in all I would call this project a success.


Today we all made little led badges. For mine I just spell "Cool Dude" because I couldn't decide on anything else. The o's in "Cool" were the leds. Then I taped batteries to the leds to make them light light up. After that we chose our final projects for this camp and I chose a plush video game controller.  

Day 6

Today we  attempted to make t-shirts with leds attached. Mine was not the best. First we make pockets to store the batteries for the lights, then we designed the shirts. I spelled out "4 days Bro"on the shirt and smudged paint on the other free spaces. I put  red leds on the pocket and then added final touches. Finally we talked about our finale projects.

Day 7

Today we made eye-catchers (spinning leds on a cup). We made them with a small dc motor and and other various things. I put spirals on mine and dots on mine. Then we went outside and played soccer. Finally we used makey makey to make our own controllers and ate lunch. Josh and I used our controller with Minecraft.

Day 8

Today we finally started our final projects. I am working on a video game controller. We did not have all the materials so we used substitutes like tin foil buttons and a differnt micro-controller. I cut out all the pieces and started sewing (which is very tedious.) I also figured out what games I am going to play on it. I also made the tin foil buttons and the decorations to go on the controller.

Day 9

Today I restarted my whole project because the cloth was too small and the flora was too big. I also started using the conductive thread to attach the flora to the buttons. I had a lot of trouble sewing because the thread always broke. I only need a little more time to finish my project.

Day 10

Today I finished my final project. Some times the buttons on the controller respond but most of the time they do not work. Even though there were complications in the controller I had fun and  I am glad I went to this camp.