Charles Clement Alaska

Charles Clement Leads Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium

An experienced health-care executive, Charles Clement currently serves as president and CEO of Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) in Juneau. As head of SEARHC, he oversees a $125 million nonprofit health coalition that serves 18 Alaskan communities. He works with the organization’s other senior leaders to direct a staff of 1,000 employees, and he consults with the board of directors to establish SEARHC’s overall objectives. During his tenure, Charles Clement has led a $10 million growth in SEARHC’s revenues while simultaneously cutting operating costs.

Among his previous experience, Mr. Clement worked for over 10 years with the Southcentral Foundation (SCF) in a succession of leadership roles, including a terminal position as vice president and COO. While vice president of operations for SCF, he oversaw improvements to the tribal health-care service’s IT systems, including a transition from outdated telephonic facilities to VoIP networks and implementation of electronic health records for dental and home health services.

Over the course of his career, Charles Clement has served on the boards of directors for such organizations as the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, the Healing Hands Foundation, and the Alaska Native Professional Association. Mr. Clement also maintains involvement in the commercial fishing industry and advocates for sustainable management of Alaska’s fisheries as a member of the Halibut Coalition.