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Charles E. Scroggs of Rockwall County - Construction Entrepreneur

About Charles E Scroggs Rockwall

Throughout his career, Charles E. Scroggs, a resident of Rockwall County, Texas, has demonstrated expertise in a variety of construction, maintenance, and product safety disciplines. He has served since 1990 as president of C & D Commercial Services, a maintenance and consulting firm related to the property management industry. Dedicated to offering high-level industrial cleaning and repair as well as concrete and masonry installation, Charles E. Scroggs has guided the Rockwall County firm to its current status as a leading firm statewide.

Also the leader of the Rockwall County-based Southwest Scaffolding Company, Scroggs has become known on a national level as an expert in commercial scaffolding. Under his direction, Southwest Scaffolding offers not only product sales and rental, but also expert training and supervision of the use of these products. He comes to these specialties supported by nearly 20 years of experience in the masonry industry, having founded and built C & D Commercial Masonry.

Charles E. Scroggs holds a bachelor of science in chemistry and mathematics and passed his early career with the International Paper Company, where he oversaw environmental compliance as well as product composition. An active member of the American Chemical Society as well as the Building Owners and Management Association, he now leverages his broad experience base to develop innovative maintenance and construction solutions.

Hunting Safety

Chuck Scroggs is an entrepreneur based in Rockwall, Texas. He currently serves as president of Southwest Scaffolding, LLC. Chuck Scroggs has nearly four decades of professional experience. He is also a hunting enthusiast.

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The Dallas Cowboys as America's Team

Charles (Chuck) Scroggs, a resident of Rockwall County, Texas, spends time as a local business leader and member of the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Posse. Chuck Scroggs also enjoys supporting a number of Texas sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys.

Between 2008 and 2013, the Dallas Cowboys finished first in an annual Harris Interactive poll designed to determine the most popular football team among sports fans, and for more than 30 years before that, the Cowboys have carried the nickname “America’s Team.” The actual history of the nickname is fairly straightforward. The National Football League (NFL) has produced end-of-the-season highlight reels for each team for decades. While putting together the Cowboys’ reel, NFL Films editor-in-chief Bob Ryan made note of how many Cowboys fans seemed to populate the stands at away games. He used the America’s Team nickname for the highlight reel, and commentators began utilizing the moniker early on in the 1979 season.

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Texas Rangers Celebrate Derek Holland’s Successful Return

Based in Rockwall County, Texas, Charles (Chuck) Scroggs currently leads three businesses focused on masonry, scaffolding distribution, and property maintenance. Active in his community, Chuck Scroggs is a member of the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Posse and an ardent supporter of Texas sports operations, including the Rangers baseball team.

In a recent news article, the Texas Rangers highlighted Derek Holland’s successful return to the pitching mound during a 7-2 win against the Mariners. Holland had been on the disabled list since April and returned to the field for the first time in months to a standing ovation from the crowd. Despite the shoulder muscle strain from April and months spent on the bench, Holland managed 93 pitches, six strike outs, and zero walks to help the Rangers secure a 12th win out of their last 16 games.

Ranger manager Jeff Banister noted that Holland’s focus and confidence were impressive, especially given his time away from the pitching rotation. Banister emphasized that Holland’s pitches were aggressive in the strike zone and he yielded a strong number of “swing and misses.” According to the article, Holland is excited to finally be able to contribute to the team’s efforts in the pennant race.

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