Charles Hampton, Student and Cashier in New York City

New York City resident Charles Hampton currently works as a cashier at the Home Depot in Staten Island. His primary responsibility is to assist customers at check out. He makes sure to be friendly, fair, and reliable in all transactions, emphasizing quality customer service. Previously he worked overnight at the Staten Island Target where his main responsibility was to handle truck deliveries. Charles Hampton ensured that all inventory came out of the truck in a timely and safe manner. He then replenished the store’s stock and placed the merchandise on the shelves before the store opened for the day.

In addition to his work at Home Depot, Charles Hampton has been studying nuclear medical technology at Long Island University Brooklyn since September 2013. He hopes to eventually go into the medical field. In his free time, he enjoys many hobbies, including drawing landscapes, portraits, and cartoons. In addition to playing football and running, he listens to several genres of music, including hip hop and indie rock.