Charles Kirkland, Phoenix Arizona

Charles Kirkland of Clean Energy Systems, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona

An independent business owner whose record in administrative management and real estate spans more than 30 years, Charles Kirkland founded his first business while completing his undergraduate degree in political science. After graduating in 1991, Charles Kirkland served as a legislative assistant in the US Senate before going on to obtain his law degree from Northern Illinois University College of Law. He subsequently obtained his real estate license and later became an instructor at the Professional Institute of Real Estate in Phoenix, Arizona.

Building on his knowledge base in public policy, real estate management, and law, Mr. Kirkland, the sole designer of a universal racking system for photovoltaic panels, established Phoenix-based Clean Energy Sy stems, LLC, in 2009. Utilizing the innovative business model of renting rooftops and installing state-of-the-art solar equipment, CES strives to unite the interests of tax equity investors and commercial developers in mutually beneficial renewable-energy ventures.