Charles Saulson

New York City Real Estate Developer

About Charles Saulson

In 1987, Charles Saulson, a New York City-based sculptor who studied art and literature at Bard College, established Molten Metals to fabricate and install structural and decorative metal work for a range of properties. Over the next 18 years, he led the company to become a 90-person firm whose clients included the Mercer and Rivington Hotels. During this period, Charles Saulson also began to pursue an interest in real estate development. Under his guidance, Molten Development, a company he founded in 1988, purchased a three-story Bowery Street hotel and converted it into a six-story condominium. Following this early success, Charles Saulson created Bowery Boyz, LLC, to renovate a 16-floor condominium on the same street.

Outside of his career in real estate development, Charles Saulson contributes to a variety of charitable organizations, including The Retreat, a center that supports individuals who have experienced domestic violence. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, running, and playing golf and tennis.

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