Quality Service Must Come First

Offering a higher quality service will lift the consistency of your service and offering. The quality must be exhaustive, beginning with the organization's hardware and items and including the direct individuals who are employed there and the precision of operations. The Employee ought to have their attitude to defeat their competition and act as a business proprietor. This kind of mindset helps drive a different type of culture that harbors responsibility, persistence, and focus. In fact employees can't come to work thinking they can just do their job, they must think in a way that is imperative to success. That means if you don't go above and beyond then your company sinks, your reputation fails you and you are out of work. You need to take a stab at the greatness that can regularly improve flawlessness. Offering a quality service implies that you can work your business return home toward the day's end without one single issue raised.

CallAHead works diligently to provide the best in class customer service by making certain each driver in uniform, trucks are the same brand and style, and are always clean and polished. That's just perception piece that shows how serious the business is about success. Then you have the actual service, courteousness, respect, and knowledge base of experts. Employees work consistently on Monday through Friday from 7 AM a.m. to 7 PM and also each Saturday from 9 AM a.m. to 5 PM. All routes are planned around the same time of every week so that schedules and appointments are consistent.

Charles W. Howard is the owner and operator of CallAHead and is proud to offer a brand of consistency, high-quality service, unique offerings and innovative products in the porta potty industry

Disinfecting Germs is Critical to Health

In the event that you are anticipating leasing a restroom trailer or porta potty, you ought to expect the most astounding quality and security gauges accessible. This quality implies that accessible toilets must experience different cleaning tests that incorporate sterilizing with a hospital grade disinfectant solution. Honestly, the hospital grade disinfectant arrangement can help battle against germs and microscopic organisms that can make your visitors and family members extremely ill. In the previous 20 years, or so microbial and resistant bacteria have become more common to the public, especially in restrooms. Utilizing a hospital grade disinfectant demonstrates your clients that diminishing introduction to infections and germs are vital in the well-being of your customers, and their visitors as it shows they are a need.

For employees, utilizing hospital grade disinfectant likewise implies there is less risk for an ailment that can help keep any superfluous time off because of colds and influenza. It also works to help make a positive workplace and help enhance profitability.

The competition just cannot compete with Call-A-Head, as it is the porta potty company that sets the standard and marks innovation for the industry. Call-A-Head has the experience, creativity and resources to provide true quality and sanitary satisfaction over their competitors. The company has continued to invest in the innovation and high quality of porta potty equipment and services. Doing so gives the company the ability to provide you with the best sanitary equipment that otherwise not available to their competitors.

Charles W Howard of CallAhead is the owner and manager of Call-A-Head porta potty company.

Nautical Porta Potty

When nature is calling with great urgency, there may be no more welcome site in the world than a toilet, and for most of us the humblest outdoor outhouse will do. Outhouses have a well-deserved reputation of being something best used in an emergency only, and then fled from as fast as possible. But the modern portable toilet is vast improvement on the common outdoor commode.

A simple Internet search reveals some surprising facts about portable toilets. When President Bush, for example, traveled to Vienna, his entourage included a portable toilet, and its contents were later flown back to the United States. What state secrets they might have contained is not known. And Presidential porta potties are certainly bi-partisan. When Barrack Obama was sworn in for his second term in office in January of 2013, there were concerns that the 1,500 porta potties already ordered would not be to accommodate all those on hand to witness the ceremony. The National Park Service offered a solution by coming up with an app that, among other things, told its users where the nearest toilet could be found.

Before the emergency of the modern portable toilet, many people relied on a chamber pot, a simple container in which one could do one's business. The chamber pot of Henry VIII purportedly had a padded seat covered in velvet, which was looked after by someone known as the Groom of the Stool.

Modern portable toilets have come a long way since the days of Henry VIII, yet some of them are fit for a King, including a model known as the Versailles. The Versailles is a luxury portable toilet trailer designed by Charles W Howard CallAhead , the President and CEO of Call Ahead, a portable toilet company in New York. He was inspired by a visit to the Palace of Versailles with his wife, when he was so impressed with its opulence that he created a Versailles of his own.

Porta Potty Facts

CallAhead is a portable toilet company that provides portable sanitation services to people throughout the greater New York metropolitan area. The company's line of products includes many innovative designs, including high-end, luxury portable toilet trailers that are far removed from the porta potties commonly associated with construction sites and other outdoor locales.

One such luxury portable toilet is known as the Versailles, which is modeled on the Palace of Versailles in France. Company President and CEO Charles W Howard was inspired by the opulence of Versailles during a trip there with his wife, and captured its essence in a design of his own. Another model is called the Equestrian, and was inspired by horse races and the type of restrooms found in five-star hotels.

Another of the CallAhead portable toilets is a nautically themed porta potty that draws on Mr. Howard's life experiences and understanding of the industry he has been in since the 1970s. He grew up around water and to this day loves spending time at such nautical locations as Newport, Rhode Island, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. His company produced a remarkable promotional video for its nautically themed portable toilet, a twenty-second long animation that portrays a sailor on an old world schooner, in high seas and heavy rain. The mariner makes his way toward the front of the vessel where there are bathroom facilities. This is a subtle acknowledgement of the pun that makes the company name, CallAhead. Sailors have traditionally known a ship's facilities as the "head," as they have historically been located at the front, or head, of a ship.

CallAhead was founded by Charles W Howard's father in 1976. He took over the helm in 1981 and has greatly expanded the business.

Regal Luxury for Your Events

The Versailles luxury restroom trailer had originated from the motivation of a vacation to the castle of Versailles by Charles W. Howard and Kimberly Howard. The staggering structural engineering and intricate points of interest of the château had inspired them so much that they needed to build an elegant special event restroom trailer intended for New Yorkers to appreciate.

The trailer offers a plenitude of lovely lighting, fine accents, and marble dividers, complete fixtures, egg and dark brown molding trim. You will also find artificial Maple flooring and Calcutta marble countertops. Your visitors can likewise appreciate the solace of the roof introduced speakers and music framework.

This trailer offers a complete top of the line encounter that can be enjoyed at weddings, black tie affairs or corporate occasions. The trailer offers a level of style at no other time seen by any versatile restroom trailer rentals will encompass your visitors.

No subtle element was spared when planning the Versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer. It was intended to guarantee that each visitor would feel like a relative of the Royal Family.

The restroom is additionally built with seasons in mind, as it's manufactured with its indoor regulator controlled warming and cooling framework.

Charles W. Howard is the owner and manager of CallAHead. He designed The Versailles luxury restroom trailer with the inspiration from a trip to an actual Palace of Versailles. The trailer was designed so that every guest will feel like royalty when they enter this luxurious bathroom. CallAHead offers a feature tour through the Versailles Luxury Restroom trailer on their YouTube page.

A New Dimension

Charles W Howard and the Call-A-Head Corporation have built their names and reputations on industry-leading portable toilets and portable toilet trailers. The company has been in business for more than thirty-five years and has grown to be the porta potty company of choice for major events, construction sites, and anywhere that clean and reliable sanitation services are needed.

The company is now adding a new dimension to its services with a portable shower system to help New York residents keep clean and healthy. There are a variety of outdoor shower systems for rent that are ideal for any location. The ShowerHead 16 and the ShowerHead 25 both provide users with hot and cold running water, as well as complete privacy with locking doors, occupancy indicators, slip resistant surfaces, and of course, cleanliness and comfort.

Both models come fully stocked with soap and shampoo. They are cleaned and ready to use upon arrival, and maintained with hospital grade disinfectants for complete sanitation. Each unit comes with a clothing bag so that personal items remain dry. A hook is there for easy access to a dry towel. Units have an advanced valve system with overheat protection so users never need to worry about running out of hot water. They are ideal for helping construction workers to rinse off after a long hot day, or after coming into contact with hazardous materials. And they are the perfect choice for disaster locations, where a Call-A-Head portable shower can give victims and first responders a chance to get clean and feel revitalized.

Charles W Howard of CallAhead has been running Call-A-Head since 1981, when he took the business over from his father, who founded it five years earlier.

Portable Shower Options for Your Needs

It is a hefty investment: installing the plumbing for full shower systems in campgrounds, and it is unnecessary to do so during construction contracts or special events. However, for people that are spending multiple days outdoors or in a secluded location, having a shower system handy will make a big difference in both the hygiene and comfort of those using it. If you are in a situation that calls for a mobile hygiene solution, look no further than a portable shower.

This equipment is designed to act just like a shower. The water supply can come from a hose, or even the saltwater for the ocean. The controls allow the owner of the shower to adjust the temperatures of the water to suit the needs of those who use it, to create a more comfortable environment for everyone. This is highly popular at construction sites, island resorts, or other outdoor sites that have overnight stays.

Some showers are designed for basic functionality, while others offer a full space for showering and changing, all under the privacy of the portable shower. Call-A-Head, an industry leading portable equipment supplier owned by Charles W Howard CallAhead, offers the Showerhead 25, a portable shower system that is supposedly much more spacious and luxurious than showers found at most gyms. This gives crew members of overnighters the ability to enjoy a warm and comfortable shower, even away from home. These systems can be rented for short or long-term use, and offer exclusive benefits for service and maintenance.

Steps to Hosting a Community Event

Proactive members of a neighborhood can offer great ideas to the city, and create some really exciting events. But before this can be done, proper planning has to take place. These three tips will help your mission of event planning a success for your local community!

1. Be considerate of city schedules – Make sure that the time, day and location of the event is set in an appropriate way, depending on the culture of the city. A city of majority elderly citizens would not enjoy a program late at night, or one that requires intense walking. Plan your event to those who will attend.

2. Advertise it! – This is often overlooked as an event planner for a community. There is much excitement and hype over working with the city to produce a great event, but if no one hears of it, the turn out will be less than satisfactory. Spend just as much time talking and advertising as you do planning and implementing.

3. Find the proper equipment – One port-a-potty short can leave an event in ruins. Ensure that you have all of the necessities for outdoor and crowd events. Call-A-Head portable equipment, owned by Charles W Howard CallAhead, recommends to plan ahead when renting portable toilets and other portable rentals, to ensure a great price and quality equipment.

These three short blurbs will give you the guidelines to create a really awesome moment for your neighborhoods. Make it fun, create an impact and support a cause that you are passionate about!

The Evolution of the Portable Bathroom

Portable bathrooms have been an important part of the US and its growing society, helping to sustain construction sites from any location, and giving people and businesses the opportunity to host thousands of people in a crowd event without the need to construct permanent bathroom facilities. These bathroom inventions have been powerful tools to bring industries further, but where did they come from?

Long Beach, California is the location of the original portable toilet. Ship builders noticed a need for bathroom locations to be closer to the ship where the workers were building, thus creating the first, crude port-a-potty. However, this steadily required improvement, as their version was heavy, clunky, and very unsanitary. It moved into fiberglass models that allowed it to have a lighter frame. Unfortunately, the absorption of fiberglass demanded that a new material be used to allow a lightweight frame with a hygienic consistency.

Finally, polyethylene was produce into portable toilets, giving the product a light attribute while being resistance to smell absorption. Today, the industry is over $2 billion dollars strong, and has expanded much further than simply toilets. Charles W Howard, owner of Call-A-Head portable equipment, is one of New York’s industry leaders. They offer portable toilets, restroom trailers, security guard booths, portable showers and even a portable water and sewer system. This desire for portable goods will continue to grow, as it becomes easier to make the economy flow without the need for permanent projects.

Charles W Howard CallAhead

   Continuing a Business Legacy

People see it as a challenge to start a business from scratch, learn the right rules and decisions to make it to the top and find a measure of success. However, it is even more difficult to do it when it is given to you, though most people wouldn’t believe so. The life of continuing a business legacy is very different from creating one, because the decisions and placement that the mother or father left the child in is a permanent variable in the process to success. Could you be handed a baton without expecting a race and still make it to the finish line?

Business legacies have become some of the largest sources of wealth in the world. Whether it be dynasties, monarchies, or private businesses, these families sustain strong business practices by implementing generational changes to their operations. However, this is a difficult point to achieve, as the hardest part of the race is the initial launch off. Legacies usually start in bad shape, and it is the job of the child to build it back up and restore its success.

Charles W Howard CallAhead did this with the business his father gave him, Call-A-Head. Starting as a truck driver for a portable toilet company, his father started his own in 1976. With only 150 portable potties he left it to Charles, who turned it into a 150 employee operation. This was no easy task, as the market for portable toilets was not yet explosive, and he had the task of scaling a once one-man company. However, through persistence he created a successful legacy of his own, and will pass it on to his children when the time comes.

Charles W Howard CallAhead