Chaz Berman

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member at Grower's Secret

About Chaz Berman

A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and investor in startups, Chaz Berman hopes to launch his eighth project in the summer of 2013. Currently under development, Lojali, Inc. combines gaming, entertainment, and loyalty focused on social media. Simultaneously, Chaz Berman heads Grower’s Secret, Inc., a company producing an edible plant-based organic growth energizer developed in Maui and patented in 157 countries. Berman holds a seat on the Board of Directors for both Grower’s Secret and Atlantis Cyberspace, Inc., which produces innovative virtual training software used for military and homeland security purposes. He also holds Board of Advisors positions with patented technology provider BuyerLeverage and Beestripe, LLC, a direct-marketing enterprise based in Hawaii.

Chaz Berman launched into the world of entrepreneurism after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Art History at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio in 1973. He later returned to academia to complete a Master of Science in Business Administration in Marketing and Human Resources at San Francisco State University in 1980. After earning his M.B.A., he served as Vice President of Sales for Willitts Designs for seven years before accepting the role of President and CEO of WineWrights. Chaz Berman founded the GoodStuffs membership club and served as its CEO from 1994 to 1997, before moving to Senior and then Executive Vice President of Sales for MyPoints, Inc. In 1999, he helped launch the highly successful public offering of In 2003, he founded UniPrivacy, Inc. (now DeleteNow), serving as Chairman of the Board. Moreover, in 2005, he joined UCB Network, Inc. as Board Chair and CEO. Berman also founded Member Devotion Marketing, Inc., in 2009.

Chaz Berman shares his talents and financial success through philanthropic activities. He supports a range of charitable causes, such as Drops of Hope, the Lupus Foundation of Northern California, the National Council of Jewish Women, several art museums in San Francisco and Cleveland, and academic institutions, including his alma mater, Case Western Reserve University.

The Drops of Hope Foundation - Ways to Help

For decades, Chaz Berman has led and grown businesses in many industries. Currently, he serves as the CEO of an organic fertilizer company in San Francisco and sits on the board of directors for several other companies. Chaz Berman also makes charitable giving a priority in his life and donates to several organizations, including the Drops of Hope Foundation.

The Drops of Hope Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help pediatric patients with cancer by offering them free transportation to and from chemotherapy appointments. Patients get to ride in a fully equipped limousine stocked with video games, movies, snacks, and more.

The Foundation relies on individual and corporate sponsorship to help the children. There are many ways to help. Anyone can make a donation quickly and securely through the website. Larger groups or corporations are encouraged to host a fundraising event or set up payroll giving, making it easier for employees to donate regularly. Drops of Hope not only accepts gifts of money but services and items as well. Of course, volunteering is always an option.

To learn more about how to help the Drops of Hope Foundation or to make a donation, visit

Cancer Survivor Population Continues to Grow in America

Chaz Berman is a board member and the chief executive officer at Grower’s Secret in San Francisco. When he is not overseeing the production of organic plant growth energizer, Chaz Berman supports several organizations, including the American Cancer Society.

For over a century, the American Cancer Society has served as a global leader in cancer research and prevention efforts. According to a new report published by the organization along with the National Cancer Institute, the number of cancer survivors in the United States is growing at an encouraging rate. Today nearly 14.5 million survivors live in the country, a number that is expected to reach 19 million over the next decade.

These figures are all the more promising in consideration of the fact that new cancer diagnoses are decreasing, implying both improved treatment and successful prevention efforts. The American Cancer Society published the findings in the Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures report, followed by an article in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.