Chef Toni Kunac Is All Set To Open His First Italian Restaurant

Toni Kunac is a trained chef, who has worked at some of the top restaurants in the United States. Known for his flavor-packed innovative dishes, the talented chef is all set to open his first Italian restaurant in his native place Berlin, where he was born, had spent his innocent childhood, and most importantly had started his journey in the food industry.

Although Toni Kunac specializes in a variety of cuisines like – Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Spanish, Greek, and more; the one that he loves the most is “Italian Cuisine”. From pastas, pizzas, spaghetti, risotto, to brochettes and more, he loves to cook everything and knows several variations of each of these Italian recipes. He believes that even a simple dish can be made interesting by adding the right flavors in it. He also emphasizes on the use of fresh ingredients to make sure the dishes are not only delectable but healthy as well.

For Toni Kunac, opening his own restaurant in his city was a dream, that he has really worked hard for. The restaurant's location, layout, menu, and interior design, all has been finalized, and preparations are well under way. Toni is extremely excited about the project and has hired some of the best professionals to handle various aspects related it. Having worked in the food industry for so many years, he knows that when people visit a restaurant, they not only want good food, but also look forward to a relaxing ambiance, good treatment, comfortable seating, and more. So, to give his guests a perfect Italian treatment, he has highly focused on each and every thing – right from the restaurant's architecture, menu, decor to the seating arrangement, and more.

Toni's life revolves around food, even when he is not working in his kitchen. Owing to his excellent culinary skills, he is often invited by top restaurateurs to train their chefs and share with them his food secrets. Kunac also runs a food blog, where he shares interesting cooking tips with people and tells them how they can quickly prepare delicious recipes with simple ingredients. Be it for a romantic meal for two, a family feast, or a mid night snack, he has a long list of scrumptious dishes to share with his audience. Through his blog, he also answers food related queries of people from different parts of the world.

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