Chef Kimmy Tang

Master Chef and Philanthropist

About Chef Kimmy Tang

An entrepreneur, master chef, and philanthropist, Kimmy Tang is the creator of the 9021Pho restaurant franchise. In addition to her culinary flair, Chef Kimmy Tang possesses a great interest in helping children, a passion she inherited from her late father.

Michelia Asian Bistro, the chef's first restaurant, was born of her appreciation for delicious food and high fashion. She experimented by beginning with traditional Vietnamese and Chinese recipes and adding distinct French and California influences, a combination that delighted Los Angeles-area food critics. In 2009, she opened her flagship 9021Pho restaurant in Beverly Hills, adding three additional locations in Glendale, Sherman Oaks, and Westlake Village.

Taking advantage of her success as an entrepreneur and restaurateur, Chef Tang uses the restaurants as a vehicle for her philanthropic pursuits. In 2012, she started displaying artwork created by young Children’s Hospital Los Angeles patients in her 9021Pho restaurants. Each month, 9021Pho patrons bid on the artwork via a silent auction with all proceeds benefiting the hospital. In addition to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, she actively supports the Special Olympics, Casa Pacifica, and the Blue Heron Foundation. 

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