Chelci Borland : Mid Semester Tips

Some Thoughts on Making the Most of the Final Weeks of Fall Semester

Happy Week 10, everyone!

I hope Fall Semester is going well so far. This time of the semester I always find it so hard to stay mentally motivated because after 9 weeks of studying my life away, I'm ready for a break. It especially makes it tough if, like me, you are in some difficult classes.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way, so I would like to offer up some of my strategies that, so far, have kept me motivated:

  1. Reflect on progress: You're more than halfway away through the semester - congratulations! You've put so much effort and hard work to get to this point, so why stop now? By thinking about how far I have come gives me the determination to finish what I've started.
  2. Look towards future goals: The purpose of your classes is to obtain the knowledge you need in order to receive the degree and job you will love. Focusing on that goal can help remind you why you are putting yourself through all of the hard work and stress. I am a Communication Sciences and Disorder major, which means that my career will either be in Audiology or Speech Language Pathology. I am in love with both options, and I am so excited to be going into a career that allows me to help others. That's my goal, and setting that goal has driven me to keep working hard.
  3. Know your limits: I'm not a superhuman, and neither are you. Everyone handles things differently, and while your friend may be taking 20 credit hours every semester, you may do best with 15 credit hours. Push yourself, but don't push too hard; it only leads to stress and you will get burnt out way too fast.
  4. Keep your support system on speed dial: Feeling stressed? Call a friend, family member, or even make an appointment with your advisor if you feel overloaded. It's amazing what a little venting can do for you!
  5. Organize and prioritize: Did I tell you I am a master list maker? Sometimes I write tasks down that I have already completely just so I can cross them off. Crazy? Absolutely, but it sure does make me feel good to cross those tasks out and shorten my "to do" list!
  6. Do something: Listen to some music that gets you pumped, read some good motivational quotes on the internet, go for a run to keep the stress in control, or read a book to escape reality for a few minutes. If I log onto Pinterest and type "motivation" in the search box, I always find a ton of quotes that give me the boost I need to keep my head up.

I hope these tips will help you guys as much as they have helped me!