Happy Week 2, everyone!

Let me just say that I do not expect anyone to believe that I am, by any means, snapped out of winter break mode. However, I am all too aware that laying on the couch singing “School’s Out Forever” isn’t going to land me that dream job or future I have in mind.
With that being said, let’s get some spring semester positivity flowing through this blog. Believe it or not, the start of a new semester, especially spring, does have its perks.
1) Ohio University Basketball! Don’t get me wrong, I love football, but I also love the feeling of my toes when they’re in a warm gym and not outside freezing off. As you can see, I’m taking full advantage of this one from the Athens campus with Rufus the Bobcat. I’m sure our OU-C Hilltopper teams would be thrilled to have you come out and support them!
2) Sunshine and summertime is on the way! All we have to do is survive a few more months of this lovely Ohio weather and then the day will come where we can walk outside and feel this thing called “heat”.
3) Spring Break! Even if you’re not going anywhere special, it’s a time to celebrate the passing of midterms and take a breather from classes. Vacation or not, that sounds pretty appealing to me!
Good luck to everyone with your classes! They may seem to be passing slowly now, but May will be here before you know it!