Chemical Bonds

Bonds are determined by appearance, solubility in water, melting point and conductivity(in all three states of matter).

Ionic Bond: a bond formed between a metal and a nonmetal

     Happens when an a metal loses an electron (becomes a cation) to a nonmetal with an incomplete outer shell.

-powdery/granular appearance, soluble in water, high melting point, only conducts electricity in liquid state and when dissolved in water

Covalent Bond: a bond that is usually formed between two nonmetals

     Happens when atoms "share electrons".

-powdery/granular appearance, yes/no solubility, low melting point, does not conduct electricity at all

Metallic Bond: a bond formed between two metals

     Happens when atoms literally "share all electrons making the electrons free to move about

-shiny, not soluble, high melting point, always conductive

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