Chemical Bonds

What is a Chemical Bond?

-A chemical bond is a mutual attraction between nuclei and valence electrons of different atoms that bind the atoms together.

-See, the thing is nature favors low potential energy because it's more STABLE, and electrons on their own have a high potential energy, which is why they bond.

(I mean, let's be honest no one wants to be with someone whose emotions are crazy and unstable, so why would nature want an unstable electron??)

Three Types of Bonds

-Ionic:Metal and Nonmetal. This bond involves an attraction between a large number of anions and cations. In this type of bond, the atoms actually share unequally. One gives up atoms so that the atom can achieve Noble Gas configuration. (I guess it's a bad relationship- someone better get out fast!) This is a strong bond!                                                                            Ex. Calcium and Fluorine

-Covalent: Nonmetal and Nonmetal. In this bond, the atoms actually share electrons equally  in a certain way so that they can gain Noble Gas Configuration! This is a pretty strong bond.       Ex.  Nitrogen and Carbon

                     POLAR AND NONPOLAR:

There are two types of Covalent Bonds : Nonpolar and Polar

Nonpolar- in this type of Covalent Bond, the atoms share the electrons equally! They have the same amount of electronegativity, and so they share equally.

Polar- in this type of Covalent Bond, the atoms are partially ionic, due to the electronegativity difference. This causes them to share unequally.(The greater the electronegativity difference, the more the bond is ionic)

-Metallic: Metal and Metal. (DUH!)  They share the atoms! These electrons also move freely in this bond. This bond is actually a weak bond.                                                                                      Ex. Zinc and Copper

Everything Wants 8 Electrons!!...

EXCEPT Boron (he's semi off his rocker and wants 6!)

         AND.. The 4th Period! (They're weird too and want more) *cough cough* greedy*cough*

The Scale and What Else You Need to Know..

No worries.. Almost done!!:)


The Chartttttt!    

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Key Things  

- Atoms have High energy, but Nature wants LOW, Stable energy.

- The 3 types of Chemical Bonds are Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic.

- The 2 types of Covalent Bonds are Polar and Nonpolar.

-Everything wants 8 Electrons (Noble Gas Configuration)

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