What happens when baking soda is mixed with vinegar?

Graph of Experiment

When baking soda and vinegar were mixed, the temperature decreased. This is an endothermic reaction because energy was absorbed. The lowest temperature was 30 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature was 95 degrees Celsius.

Breakdown of the Reaction


➜ H2O

In this reaction, solid sodium bicarbonate is mixed with liquid acetic acid and makes carbon dioxide gas, water, and sodium acetate. This is a double displacement reaction and decomposition reaction. The reactants are vinegar and baking soda and the products are water, carbon dioxide, and sodium acetate. The Law of Conservation of Mass is demonstrated as follows:

reactants:                                                                                     products:

1 Na                                                                                                1 Na

5 H                                                                                                 5 H

3 C                                                                                                  3 C

5 O                                                                                                  5 O


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