Job Specialization

     Job specialization was one of the most important characteristics. It is what kept Ancient Mesopotamia alive and growing.When a new job was discovered they became more advanced. They had a variety of jobs and tasks to be done. When new people invaded it brought more ideas and jobs. Therefore, since it was invaded a it was invaded often there became more jobs and ideas. Some of the jobs consist of : Scribes - people who read , Farmers - who grew crops and raised livestock , merchants- trades goods , Soldiers- who fight and protect the land and people , and the list continues.


     There were many achievements on Mesopotamia. They used lots of Mesopotamian supplies. Many of the things we use today were created in Mesopotamia.All of those ideas blended from the people and created the achievement.Some of the achievement saved them. For example, irrigation helped transport water from one place to another. Some of the achievements are : The plow, the sewer system , the clock , the wheel, the pottery wheel , the first place to have an empire ,and many more.

Organized Religion

     In Mesopotamia, they believed in many gods. They practiced polytheism.Therefore,  Polytheism is is the practice of many gods. Ziggurats and temples were used to worship. Every god represented something and had different powers. Some of the gods consist of: Enil the air god , Enki the god of wisdom, Inanna the goddess of love and war, and Utu and Nanna the moon and sun gods. All of the gods were worshiped and had stories to go along with them.