Relevancy Assignment

By Tyler Albrecht and Austin Martin

This map illustrates the expanding Amrerican territory in the 1800s. The territory gained from the Lousiana Purchase, the Webster Ashburton Treaty, and the Adams Onnis Treaty, as well as the resolved borders after the Convention of 1818. It describes the speed that America expanded its territory during this time.

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The Louisiana Purchase, the Convention of 1818, the Webster-Ashburton treaty, and the Adams Onis treaty were all about the changing American border. The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of the territory owned by the French in 1803. This relates to the Adams Onis treaty of 1819 because it was the cession of Florida into the United States in return for settling the boundary between new Spain (Mexico) and the new U.S. territory acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. Although the Convention of 1818 and the Webster-Ashburton treaty were not about acquisition of new territory, they both settled border disputes between the Americans and the British. The convention of 1818 decided that the 49th parallel would be the boundary from Lake of the Woods (in present-day northern Minnesota, southwestern Ontario, and southeastern Manitoba) west to the Rocky Mountains (in present-day Montana and Alberta). This was a kind of precursor to the Webster-Ashburton treaty which reaffirmed what was decided in the Convention of 1818, as well as, resolving the Maine-New Brunswick border and establishing the boundary between Lake Superior and Lake of the Woods.

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This document, written by Thomas Jefferson, is a letter to congress about the Lousiana Purchase. He talks about how congress needs to make a decision "without delay." Jefferson's sense of urgency shows how important he believed this transaction was to the United States. It was something they couldn't pass up.

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Louisiana purchase
France needed money for the Haitian rev/ war with Britain

Sold for less than 42 cents an acre in today's money

Webster Ashburton treaty

Aroostook war- dispute of border between Maine and New Brunswick
established border between Lake Superior and lake of the woods previously determined in the treaty of Paris (1783)

Defined seven crimes subject to extradition

Final end to slave trade on the high seas

Shared use of the Great Lakes

Convention of 1818

49th parallel from Lake of the Woods west to the Rocky Mountains
jointly occupy Pacific Northwest Territories for ten years

Adams Onis treaty
Florida became a burden to Spain because they could not afford to send troops