Cheryl Farrell

I value my relationships

My family, friends and boyfriend are all very important to me, and come before anything else.

I Value my possessions

I value my possessions. My clothing, my books, my sports equipment, my bed, etc. I value owning the thing I use and wear.

I value food

I value food. I love sweets, and baked goods, white chocolate, fruits, frappes, peppermint anything, pizza, salads, wraps, etc.

I value Travel

I value travel and culture and learning new information and expanding my horizons.

I value humor

I value humor. Being happy and being able to relax and enjoy the silly things in life

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3 years ago

Nice work, Cheryl. You clearly understand how to use the website! However, I would avoid memes with vulgarity in the future...but you made up for it with P&R and 30 Rock!