Cheryl Lynn de Werff                                             

Curriculum Development and Educator Training                              

About Cheryl Lynn de Werff                    

                                          Throughout her career in education, Cheryl Lynn de Werff has proven adept at creating and implementing effective instructional and professional development programs. An experienced school principal and current superintendent of California's Howell Mountain Elementary School District, she formerly was a director at the Solano County Office of Education. There, Cheryl Lynn de Werff developed new core curricula for all grade levels and provided educator training in reading, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), English language arts, and other subject areas.

Cheryl Lynn de Werff has earned a number of awards for her professional service, including the 2012 Congressional Commendation and the Child Abuse Prevention Council's Educator/Administrator of the Year award. She has also earned recognition from the California State Assembly and several appreciation awards from the California School Recognition Program. She currently serves as a voting board member of the Solano County Children's Alliance and the Solano County Child Care and Development Planning Council. She comes to her role backed by a doctor of education in educational leadership, as well as a specialist degree in educational administration.                                 

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