Civil War Spies

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The Union and the confederation got most of their crucial information from spies. From the early war the confederation came up with spies from Washington D.C. In this video that your about to watch will only be about 1:29 sec. The two spies that the video will be about Rosano Greenhow and Allen Pinkerton. He then later got an afoul with the authorities.

Allen Pinkerton- He was a Scottish american spy. He was best known as coming up with the National Detective agency. He is a founder of the United States secret services. Allen was born into poverty. His dad was a police officer how ever his dad couldn't be a cop anymore because of some injuries on the job. To support his family he had to become a barrel maker apprentice.  

This is a map that the roads that spies took. The blue lines represent the safe roads and the red lines represent the dangerous roads. The dark parts on the map are the battle field. The lines with dashes above Ohio is the

We are going to look at a famous spy name  Bello Boyd, She was one of the most famous spy for the confederacy. She gave the confederacy  lots of information on the union. She became a spy when a union soldier was swearing at her mom, so like a normal person (not) she shot him!!!!!!!!

Harriet Tubman

She escaped slavery and become one of the biggest abolitionists. She led hundreds of slaves to their freedom. they went through the underground railroad.  Then she became a Union spy.

There where a lot of spies in the civil war, there are famous and there are the unknown spies and then there the really know spies. They all worked for one of the sides like the Union or the Confederacy.  Like Bello Boyd worked for the Confederacy and was the only spy to get away from the punishment of  treason by getting on a ship that was going to England. Her actions made her the most famous female spy from the civil war.

This is Bello Boyd

The most famous is Pryce Lewis, he was an union who  past off as a Confederate solider for years tell he got information and told the Union  every thing he knew. -  Push the button to learn more.


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