Sonnets are fourteen line poems with a formal tone that follow a specific rhyme scheme. Sonnets' subjects often vary, but the purpose of a sonnet is to praise. There are two main categories of sonnets, the first is Petrarchan which has a rhyme scheme of abbaabbacdecde, and the second is Shakespearean which has a ababcdcdefefgg rhyme scheme.

A winter rose

I walk through the glistening virgin snow That covers the sorrow of autumn’s death Where I find on a bush a frozen rose Its beauty held ageless in winter’s breath How I long to touch those petals again Those moist velvet lips that promise such bliss Opened in passion whispering my name As I drift in dreams of a breathless kiss Oh! To pluck this rose from the winter snow And hold it closely to my aching heart And free it from that ice so bitter cold That now my love keeps you and me apart But if I were to pluck this winter rose Would all its petals fall upon the snow? - Elaine George